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Anstrex Review


Anstrex is a well-known ad intelligence service for digital marketers and affiliate marketers.

Anstrex is one of the top Native, Push and Dropship spy tools, that is a must-have for any successful affiliate.

As a huge part of affiliate’s job is to analyze their competitors’ ads and creatives, Anstrex comes in handy as it gives us the ability to spy on millions and millions of ads from almost all know Push and Native ad networks out there.

Due to their advanced system, affiliates can analyze the ads and sort them by more than 20 parameters and even get in depth info about landing pages and redirects. So if you wish to invest into a good spy tool that will bring your affiliate game to another level, look no further than Anstrex!

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What is Anstrex?

Anstrex is an efficient ad spying tool that will help you analyze your competitors’ ads and understand their marketing strategies, and maybe even learn some of the secrets of their success.

Getting this kind of knowledge about your competitors’ ads will give you competitive advantage over them and will help you make your campaigns more successful.

With over 15 million ads from 50k+ advertisers scattered over 92 countries, Anstrex is more than enough for you to stay always updated on the latest changes in your competitors’ marketing angles and strategies.

Also Anstrex is a great choice for E-commerce enthusiasts as it has a detailed section for dropshipping, will all the viral products, prices, stores, and more.

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Why do you need Anstrex?

Anstrex saves time and money on marketing

By using Anstrex you can save both time and money, as you can easily spy and find what is working for your campaign without having to invest money and time into trying to create and try out some new creative.

Finding Top performing landings

Another great use of Anstrex for affiliates is that Anstrex gives you the ability to view the landing page for any campaign you want, which can help you improve not only your actual creatives and ads but also your copywriting and boost your landing page optimization.

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Networks and offers

While not everyone think of that when they think of a spy tool, but spy tools are a great place to find a new ad network, affiliate network or a new offer to work with. As Anstrex is a third-party company that does not benefit from the networks, you can easily trust the date and the numbers you see in Anstrex. This means that using Anstex you can find what ad network has the most traffic in a selected GEO, which affiliate network is the most popular among the affiliates in a specific region or what offer is killing it right now.

Pros and Cons


Detailed knowledge base that will help you get used to the service easily

A lot of manuals and tutorials available online

Filtering by Ad network, Geo, Device, Language, Category, Affiliate network, Tracker and Technology.

Result sorting by over 12 parameters.

Over 20 million ads to spy on with new ads being added each hour.

Push, Native and Pop ads are available.

Detailed statistic on each ad

Ability to download the landings

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No 24/7 support

How much does Anstex cost?

The price of the service differs according to the tool that you choose. At the moment, Anstrex provides 4 solutions:

Native, at $69.99/month

Push, at $89.99/month

Pops, at $89.99/month

Dropship, free

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image of the plan and prices Anstrex

So, your subscription fee is dependent on the traffic source that you work with whether it’s Native, Pop or Push ads.


In this review, we have introduced you to some of the most important features and benefits of Anstrex. We gave you our honest opinion on this handy tool, so you would be well informed when you make your buying decision. In conclusion, let us say that for the value it gives, the competitive advantages you get and the money you save on your own trial-and-error marketing strategy, this is definitely something, each affiliate should have.

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Affiliate Marketing Gurus Don’t Like To Talk About This

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If you’re a new affiliate marketer, you may be making this simple but devastating mistake.
But This Simple Tool Can Electrify Your Conversions And Generate Massive Profits. (Without Taking Endless Courses on Sales Funnels, Copywriting, and Advertising!)

Are you frustrated with the overload of courses, coaches, and books on native advertising?

Feel like you’re drowning in a sea of affiliate marketing information?

Did you drop good money on a so-called “guru” just to see your business flat-line?

Read on and see how a simple tool “washes away” all the noise, leaving you focused on the most important thing: Conversions and Profit.

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  • Why Most affiliate campaigns fail
  • How to get an edge over your competition
  • A Peek into Anstrex: How Anstrex Delivers
  • Get started with Anstrex

Today I’m showing you how native advertisers, affiliate marketers, and content creators everywhere use an easy, affordable tool to stay a step ahead of the competition.

Why now? Well…

These days you can’t turn the corner without seeing another guru promising you the ultimate affiliate marketing system.

They make a killing by convincing us that affiliate marketing is unbearably complicated, then selling us a solution.

But let me tell you…

When I was an affiliate marketer, I didn’t lie awake at night worrying about having a 20-step sales funnel, or whatever fly-by-night tip the gurus were talking about.

I didn’t even think about that stuff.

image push Ads

I had enough trouble with the basics.

It’s the simple things that put a pit in my stomach every time I was about to drop a few hundred (or thousand) dollars on an ad campaign.

Things like…

  • Will people click? Is my ad copy any good?
  • Did I pick an irresistible, can’t-miss image?
  • Do I really understand how to talk to my target market?
  • Is my lander going to sell?

You don’t have countless hours and an endless bank account. You can’t test and re-test every part of campaign over and over again to maximize conversions.

You need to know what people are already clicking on, and what people are hungry to buy right now.

In other words, you need to know what’s working…today.

The good news is…there’s an easy answer to all of it.

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Why Aren’t The Gurus Talking About This?

I can’t blame them. They need to make a living.

But it really ticks me off to see all these affiliate marketing “heroes” taking advantage of you and me.

They sell us complicated, over-the-top solutions to basic problems. And some of them ask thousands of dollars for it!

Now, the info in some of their products isn’t all bad…

But by the time you’ve shelled out a small fortune to see it, their tips and tricks are already stale. Marketers everywhere have already milked the tactics, erasing any edge you would’ve hadactually works.

image anstrex spy tool

Wouldn’t it be great to always be “in the know”?

What if, every day, you could have the inside track on what works and what doesn’t in the world of affiliate marketing and native advertising?

What would you do if you had a tool that gave the most up-to-date knowledge about…

  • What ad copy is pulling the best CTRs today
  • What images the competition is using to draw the most attention at this moment
  • Who writes the most profitable landing pages right now?

Can you imagine the power of market research that never goes stale, because it’s updated in real time?

And what if it was all pulled together for you in an easy-to-use tool, so you could tap into all this knowledge in the matter of minutes?

That’s the profit-generating power of Anstrex Spy Tool.

My name is Hiren and I founded Anstrex just for people like you and me.

It’s a spy tool for affiliate marketers who want to craft championship native ad campaigns with the best competitor analysis available.

It lets you peek in on what the best in our business are doing to generate clicks and buys right now.

You can see what customers are responding to at this very moment, and tailor your ad campaign for better response rates across the board.

But there are spy tools everywhere. And I didn’t want to put another vanilla tool on the market. It had to be so much more.

I wanted a tool that listened to what affiliate marketers were saying.

So I gave my team a hefty list of demands, and they delivered.

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TEN ways Anstrex Delivers

  • Maximize your advertising returns by spying on your competition’s most effective campaign strategies.
  • See your niche from any angle with over 6 million up-to-date advertisements at your fingertips. (That’s more than any spy tool on the market!)
  • Instantly improve your ROI with our revolutionary Affiliate Offer Wall, where you’ll analyze entire campaigns from competitors in your niche, from advertisement to offer screen.
  • Tap into the most extensive network of profitable competitor data with 20 native ad networks and over 58,000 advertisers spanning 15 countries. (And growing!)
  • Uncover your competitor’s strategy in record time with our easy search and filter capabilities!
  • Build landing pages that convert like crazy. One simple click in our database takes you from ad to landing page, so you can study winners inside and out.
  • Anstrex is fully integrated with Alexa and SimilarWeb, so you can sort the ads by Alexa rank right inside Anstrex!
  • Get high resolution screenshots of every advertiser’s page…so you can view their ads even if they’ve sunset their campaign.
  • Join the thriving community of Anstrex power users on our private forum!
  • Need the perfect image that guarantees sky-high click through rates? Use our game-changing image search feature to find the most successful pics in your niche.

We know that better research means more money in your pocket. So my team added dozens of tutorial videos, FAQs, and affiliate marketing strategy guides to help you along the way.

Our customers love Anstrex.

Over 500 online marketers and affiliates are using Anstrex to generate millions of dollars every year

“The Anstrex Platform Gave Fluent A Competitive Edge In Order to Facilitate Stronger Buys In The Native Advertising Landscape. Anstrex Allowed Fluent To Have The Visibility Needed In the Opaque World That Native Lives In. Without This Visibility Tool, Fluent’s ROI Would Not Have Been As Strong As It Is.“- Edward Regalbuto
Senior Media Buyer, FluentCo

“Keeping an eye on your competition is so easy and intuitive with this tool! A must-have for media buyers in the native advertising space. “- Tara Stephenson
Director of Marketing, EvansHardy+Young


More networks, more data, and more features at the lowest price compared to all other ad intelligence platforms in the market. I know this because I've looked at them all. Anstrex has become an invaluable tool.“- Marco Bianco
Co-Founder, OrionClick

It's all there: Best Converting Offers, Creatives, Landing Pages, Publishers, Ad Networks.

Finding Successful Affiliate Campaigns is a Piece of Cake

Find the winning ad copy and ad image

It is now time to expose the campaign data

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Are you ready to get the upper hand?

Power-Up Your Campaigns with Anstrex Today

Don’t waste money throwing darts and praying for a bullseye. Experience the Anstrex advantage today, totally risk-free.

See, I don’t want your money if you’re not seeing returns on your campaigns. So…

When you sign up you’ll have FULL access to every feature RISK FREE for 48 hours.

If you decide in those two days that Anstrex isn’t for you, just let us know and we will fully refund you. You won’t be charged a penny.

That’s 48 hours to study as many campaigns as you possibly can. No obligation.

Two whole days to power up your native ads…armed with all the info you need to design exciting campaigns that convert, completely free of charge.

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Try Anstrex for yourself

Your Account includes:

  • Access to data from 27 ad-networks spanning 15 countries, and over 6 million ads
  • Access to our proprietary Affiliate Offer Wall, where you’ll study many many successful affiliate campaigns start to finish.
  • Access to our private discussion forums where you can talk with me and other members to get insights like nowhere else
  • Complete access to our up to date knowledgebase containing step-by-step instructions, articles, and FAQs

Try Anstrex now RISK FREE. After that, Anstrex is only $59.99/month.Get Started Risk-Free

We priced it affordably so you can spend money on your campaign, where it belongs.

Sign Up takes only 60 seconds. Cancel any time

We’re looking forward to having you in the Anstrex family. Sign up for your risk-free trial today.

To your success, 

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