A Review of the Ledger Crypto Wallet in 2023

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A Review of the Ledger Crypto Wallet in 2023 

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A Review of the Ledger Crypto Wallet in 2023

In addition to providing simple access to exchanges, DeFi apps, and software wallets, ledger devices are able to handle hundreds of different cryptocurrencies.

When it comes to the Ledger wallet, both variants are capable of handling more than 5,500 assets. They also enable access to decentralized financial applications or apps; however, the Nano Ledger S does not handle the administration of non-fungible tokens, generally known as NFTs. Coins may be purchased, staked, and traded using the desktop and mobile applications that are linked to Ledger.

The Positives and Negatives


NFT management and native staking are also included.

A mobile application that is connected via Bluetooth.

A robust library for cryptographic education.

Not all software is open-source. This is a disadvantage.

Comprehensive Analysis

A place where Ledger excels

Trezor is exclusively compatible with Android smartphones; however, the mobile app is compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

There are a few currencies that are compatible with Ledger that other platforms do not offer: In contrast to its rival Trezor, which only supports these cryptocurrencies on its advanced model, both versions of Ledger are capable of storing Ripple (XRP), Monero (XMR), and Cardano (ADA).

Integrated inside the Ledger Live software are the capabilities of NFT administration and DeFi access. Ledger makes it simple to connect to exchanges and applications without requiring users to give up their cool storage space.

With the Nano X model, a Bluetooth connection is available for use in order to establish a connection to the Ledger Live mobile application.

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In areas where Ledger is lacking

In contrast to its rival, Trezor, Ledger does not have a completely open-source model. Ledger's physical devices' firmware is closed-source, but the rest of the company's software, including its desktop and mobile apps, is open-source and subject to third parties' testing.

It is possible that some users might prefer a touch screen, but ledger devices do not have one. There is a touch screen on the advanced model of the competitor Trezor, but the regular version does not have these features.

During the month of July in the year 2020, Ledger had a breach in its marketing database. This breach made it possible for unauthorized individuals to get access to client information, which included email addresses, names, postal addresses, and phone numbers. It was in reaction to the attack that Ledger altered its procedures for the safekeeping of data. Do you want more choices? Here is a list of our best selections for hardware wallets.

Which Ledger is the most suitable for gaining access to DeFi and efficiently transferring data between hot and cold storage?

An application for mobile devices that allows for a Bluetooth connection to the device (this feature is exclusive to the Nano X model).

A quick look at the ledger

Assurance of safety

The integration of Coinkite with ledger devices allows for multi-signature security and two-factor authentication, among other security features. Although the software for Ledger Live is open source, the firmware for the device is not provided.

Choosing from

The ledger is capable of supporting over 5,500 assets.

The process of integration

Ledger supports more than 5,500 different cryptocurrencies. With Ledger Live, you may engage in acquisitions, exchanges, staking, and non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Putting away

A cold storage wallet, Ledger is capable of connecting to desktop wallets as well as browser wallets for the purpose of online storage.

Affective capacity

Both mobile and desktop apps are available for Ledger. Support for customers is provided via live chat, email, and several social media platforms.


Ledger Academy provides users with access to a comprehensive collection of cryptographic educational materials. Among the tools that are included in Ledger Live are those that calculate crypto taxes and analyze the market.

All of the information on Ledger's ratings

Safety: a perfect score of five stars

Just like the majority of cryptocurrency wallets, ledger devices provide a seed word that you may save and then enter in order to retrieve your cryptocurrency in the event that you misplace your device. Ledger uses a 24-word phrase, and you have the option of adding a 25th word, referred to as a "passphrase" of your choice.

Wallets made of hardware are generally considered to be more secure than software wallets due to the fact that hackers are unable to access them online. However, it is important to ensure that hardware wallets are protected against theft and damage. On the other hand, they cannot be accessed from numerous devices, which is why it is essential to keep your seed phrase safe in the event that you misplace your smartphone.

Additionally, ledger devices provide support for multi-signature security and employ two-factor authentication. The integration of the Coinkite software makes this possible. The software that Ledger Live uses is open source, despite the fact that the firmware on the physical devices is not. Because of this, you will have to rely on the security of the device code without evaluating it yourself.

Five out of five stars on the selection

There are over 5,500 assets that can be stored in Ledger's wallet.

Integration: a perfect score of five stars

Users are able to purchase, sell, and trade more than 5,500 different currencies, stake coins on exchanges, and access applications and NFT markets when they have a Ledger device and the associated Ledger Live software.

In order to handle cryptocurrencies that are not included with Ledger Live, the hardware devices may link with third-party software like MyEtherWallet and MetaMask in order to connect to other blockchains where the cryptocurrencies are stored.

Five out of five stars for storage

Ledger is a cold storage wallet, which means that it maintains the keys to your cryptocurrency offline on a hardware device. This gives you complete custody of the information that is required to transfer your bitcoin.

A hot wallet is a kind of cryptocurrency wallet that keeps your cryptocurrency using software on a device that is capable of connecting to the internet. If you would prefer have your keys kept online and available from many devices, you may want to consider utilizing a hot wallet. Several hot wallets, including as MetaMask and Guarda, are connected to Ledger, which enables users to easily move their cryptocurrency between hot and cold storage. If you want, you might use a software wallet instead. Here is a list of our choices.

Performance: a perfect score of five stars

Ledger Live may be accessed on desktop computers, mobile devices, and as an extension for browsers. As of September 2023, however, Ledger made the announcement that a significant number of the capabilities that were included in the extension will be included into other aspects of the Ledger user experience. The extension will continue to function properly for anybody who is presently using it; however, it will no longer be accessible for download.

5 out of 5 stars for the tools

Under the name of Ledger Academy, Ledger has compiled a comprehensive collection of cryptographic instructional resources.

Other information about ledger pricing that you should be aware of: You may link your gadgets to the Ledger Nano S Plus, which costs $79 and uses USB-C to do so. Bluetooth compatibility with the Ledger Live mobile app is included with the Ledger Nano X, which can be purchased for $149. Despite the fact that the Trezor website claims that this is done for reasons related to security, the competitor Trezor does not have a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection accessible.

For the price of $59, the Nano S, which is an earlier model of Ledger's, is still available for purchase from third-party retailers like Best Buy. It is possible to save up to six apps on the device, which is a smaller capacity.

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Are you a good fit for Ledger?

Ledger is an excellent option to consider if you want to store many currencies offline and simplify the process of integrating with various applications and exchanges.

How we evaluate cryptocurrency wallets?

The extensive assessment method that employs examines and rates solutions that enable clients in the United States to store, transmit, and receive Bitcoin. Our goal is to give you with an impartial evaluation of service providers so that you are equipped with the knowledge necessary to make rational and well-informed decisions on which ones will best satisfy your requirements. When it comes to maintaining editorial integrity, we strictly adhere to the criteria.

We undertake firsthand testing and observation, and the findings are used to feed our patented evaluation approach, which assesses the performance of each provider based on more than 15 different aspects. The finished product generates star ratings ranging from below average (one star) to above average (five stars).

Since its founding in 2014, Ledger has established itself as a frontrunner in the provision of security and infrastructure solutions for blockchain applications and cryptocurrencies. The first and only certified hardware wallet currently available on the market is called Ledger. A hardware wallet is a secure device that can be used offline and is referred to as "cold" storage. It gives you the ability to safeguard the private keys that allow you to access your assets.

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