Stop paying for ads and start selling them instead!

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Stop paying for ads and start selling them instead!

Our Plug-n-Play Viral AdBoards Allow You To Start A Profitable Advertising Business In As Little As 10 Minutes!

How Does It Work? AdBoard Business Turnkey

A Turnkey Web Business That Will Grow On Its Own!

If you're tired of marketing other people's products and want to start your own easy but successful business that will appropriately compensate you for your efforts, have a look at our new Web App...

You give away free advertisements to your visitors, and some of them pay for different add-ons. Every advertiser, whether for free or for a fee, sends some visitors to activate their ad, resulting in hands-free traffic to your website. 

This implies more free ads will be produced and more purchases will be made. Advertisers must activate their adverts in greater numbers. This means that your AdBoard business will grow on its own as a result of increased visitor traffic.

A Completely Turnkey Company With Endless Revenue Streams!

Your AdBoards were created to provide both immediate cash flow and significant long-term revenue streams. But that's only the tip of the iceberg in terms of what you can accomplish here.

Advertising Sales in a Flash. About 5% of your advertisers would gladly pay for one or more Add-Ons to help their ads stand out and gain visibility... therefore the more ads you give out, the more money you make! You are free to establish your rates and keep 100% of all payments. 

Building a High-Value List on Autopilot. Your Advertisers are a legitimate contact list of Buyers and Action-Takers in a certain area. And the more targeted your AdBoard themes are, the more useful those lists will be!

You Have Complete Control Over Where Your Traffic Goes. Your AdBoards are focused traffic generators, allowing you to provide a steady stream of traffic to your offerings, PLR items, affiliate offers, or even paying Clients' websites!

Create various specialty lists and send traffic to opt-in sites!

Establish a general Community AdBoard to begin building your list of local companies, then utilize that traffic to create AdBoards in more particular categories, such as restaurants, attractions, physicians, attorneys, and much more 

Boost the power of your viral networks. Create your Ads for any of the Viral Traffic packages once your AdBoard is producing its traffic. These bring in even more visitors while also allowing you to make cash commissions... all on autopilot!

In this 18-Strategy Monetization Guide, you'll discover much more.

The step-by-step Monetization Guide will lead you through 18 effective tactics to help you make even more money from each AdBoard you develop!


In a matter of minutes, your new AdBoards may be fully set up, configured, and ready to receive payments.

Step 1: Create an AdBoard account 

Step 2: Make Your First AdBoard and Customize It

Step 3: Turn on your Permanent Traffic Machine.

Setting up and launching a new AdBoard takes about 5-10 minutes...

An AdBoard that can produce an unlimited supply of highly-targeted visitors and make you same-day immediate purchases.

Create a mailing list of Doers and Proven Buyers for you. 

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What Should I Expect? AdBoard Business on a Turnkey basis

Consider the websites you browse in that category, and whether the people who run such sites might benefit from increased exposure?

Once you've narrowed down some potential niche markets, you'll realize that there are a plethora of options to position yourself and expand your new AdCardz business.

Create and market your new AdBoard till it becomes self-sustaining. Usually, 20-30 adverts will be enough... after that, go on to your next idea. Rinse-and-Repeat.

You have complete control over how many AdBoards you create, how much advertising you do to get things moving, how much you charge for add-ons, and how much money you generate, no matter how you construct your business.

To get things started, you'll need to create some traffic. Once the AdBoard is self-sustaining, you can put up funnels to acquire leads and monetize your visitors.

Masterclass on Lead Generation

When your AdBoards start generating their traffic, the most common monetization technique is to direct it to lead capture pages. thus you can use your offers, affiliate promotions, and more to work those lists.

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What is Included in a Turnkey AdBoards Business?

So we're providing you a series of premium video training packages that show you how to quickly and simply generate great lead magnets, then put up conversion-optimized landing pages. All use free tools and resources. 

Your membership comes you access to a vast collection of high-quality training, tools, and downloads.


Everything you'll need to attract targeted visitors to your AdBoards.

Built-in Traffic Management System

Video Training of the Highest Quality

a large library of resources

Sources of Traffic That Have Been Tried

Integrated Viral Effect

Compounding Traffic System, Resources, and Training

Our basic yet powerful perpetual-traffic system is included in your Dashboard, and the entire setup is incredibly viral. Your advertisers will promote your site for you once you start giving out free advertisements, and the system will start to create its traffic.


Convert the traffic from your AdBoards into specialty lists and qualified leads...

The Basics of Lead Magnets

Pages for capturing leads

Constructing a Funnel

Optimization of the Funnel

Search Engine Marketing


Your offerings are the greatest to market since you keep 100% of the profit!

PLR Cash Training Premium

25 PLR EBooks of Excellent Quality

8 PLR Software on Demand

Course on Product Development

Masterclass on Reseller Profits

Software with Private Label Rights (PLR) and Ebooks, as well as extensive training

While many individuals will gladly promote affiliate offerings to AdBoards traffic, the greatest long-term plan is to start creating your goods and services. PLR items will be the most convenient option for most individuals to do so. 

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What is the AdCardz System?

The AdCardz System is a comprehensive turnkey website solution that you can set up and activate in a matter of minutes. After that, you'll need to put in some effort to attract your initial advertisers, as well as to expand and monetize your AdBoards for optimum revenues and long-term advantages.

AdCardz was created to assist people who are willing to help themselves!

This approach works great if you're willing to put in the effort to get your AdBoards up and running by attracting your initial advertisers. Once you've done so, your AdBoards will begin to generate their traffic and you'll be able to set up in-house Ad Co-ops that will help you leverage your efforts and expand your business even quicker. 

If you are a person and willing to put in some effort. If you're fed up with phony programs and systems that never provide what they claim. And if all you desire is a basic, productive business that can evolve into something more substantial. This is for you. 

Turnkey AdCardz Business Prices

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Price Starter

The monthly rent is $14. Monetization Guide for One and Two AdBoards

Full Bonus Package for Co-op Traffic System


Monthly cost: $27 Monetization Guide for Three Six AdBoards

Full Bonus Package for Co-op Traffic System


Monthly cost: $47 There are a total of eighteen (15) AdBoards.

Co-op Traffic System Monetization Guide

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Complete Bonus Package

Make a new account for yourself. It simply takes a minute, and you can then begin creating your AdBoards. This is a recurring subscription, so please keep that in mind. It will be processed automatically each month for your convenience, but there is no minimum term, and you can cancel at any time. We will send you a reminder each month before any charges are made.

You are safeguarded. 100% Money-Back Guarantee For 60 Days!

Our 100% Money-Back Guarantee applies to every AdBoard bundle. There were no questions asked.

picture with says  No Hassles , 60 day money back gurantee


As a result, you may put our assurance to the test for 60 days! You may test the waters by launching a few AdBoards and turning on the traffic to see how successful they can be.

Although there is a lot of material here, I hope it has given you a clear image of what is a very basic but extremely powerful turnkey business.

You must select a membership plan that you can commit to for at least 2-3 months so that you have enough time to put it up and start traffic flowing.

With the help of this amazing tool, If you put in the effort, you should be able to sell plenty of Add-Ons before then, but, like with any New Business Venture, you should intend to re-invest your early profits into building the company for at least the first few months.

If you're willing to put in the effort to make it happen. To secure your success, you must do all in your power! It's simple to obtain success using this instrument.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a Website or Domain?

No, you don't. This is a fully-hosted solution so we take care of all the technical requirements for you. This means you can just create an account and start setting up your AdBoards in the next 10 minutes... even if you're a total newbie with zero technical skills!

But I don't like recurring payments!

Either do we! But we need to make sure we can cover our costs as your AdBoards get bigger and busier. We're already generating millions of ad views each month so this protects you. Plus, any surplus each month goes into our Ad Co-ops promoting your AdBoards, so it helps you as well!

What Payment Processors are supported?

PayPal, CoinPayments, SolidTrustPay, ORU and Uphold! The first three will let you accept payments and activate your customer's new ads automatically. You can also accept payments via Oru or Uphold, but you will need to watch for those and manually approve ads after the payment is received.

Can I see a Demo AdBoard?

Sure! Click the Showcase link at the top of the page and you can see some of our most popular AdBoards. Make sure you post a free Ad of your own on any that are relevant to your offer!

Will this get too competitive?

Not in any way that matters! The real power of AdCards is your ability to target specific niches and locations, or any combination of the two. So yes, a lot of people do make some generic IM/MMO AdBoards when they first start, but most will tell you their best results are coming from the more specialized, niche AdBoards they make after that.

Can I accept payments via Stripe?

Unfortunately, No. Stripe is becoming very popular for online business owners, but it isn't suited for an arrangement like this where we host the website that collects your payments. If their structure changes or we find a 3rd party app that will let us accept Stripe payments, we will implement it ASAP!

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