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Welcome to my Review about, America’s most trusted and largest resource for Government & Police, live & online car auctions of Government pre-owned and seized cars, trucks, and SUVs.

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Every month across the United States, thousands of vehicles are seized by different Government agencies (IRS, DEA, FBI) and Police departments and auctioned off to the public at incredible deals. Due to certain laws, these vehicles are listed and sold at up to 95% OFF their original value. Many auctions start as low as $100. Government pre-owned/surplus vehicles are well maintained and are usually only 2–3 yrs old. We provide you with immediate access to 4,000+ updated auctions nationwide, NOT searchable elsewhere on the Internet, and with guaranteed listings in every state. If you are looking for quality cheap cars then check out US government auctions today.

As with many auctions, many people are not aware that police auto auctions are open to the public. The Internet has information regarding these auctions in your particular country and area. You could also find out from your local police where, and when they do have their auctions. These vehicles have been recovered, and seized for some reason, and are put up for auction.

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Why Buy Cars from Police Auto Auctions?

The most important reason is that, as with any other auction, you are able to buy a car at a lower price than you would at a used dealership. Many times, these used car dealerships would buy the cars from police auto auctions and then resell them at a higher price. You would often not be aware that the car originated from the police auction.

There are advantages to buying vehicles from police auctions. Some of these advantages are that you have:

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A wide selection of vehicles from which to choose. This would include a variety of types such as SUVs, cars, jeeps, trucks, and minivans. There would also be a variety of models available within these types of vehicles.

The opportunity to view the product online as well. You are able to view the vehicles online in order for you to make your choice beforehand and see which ones you would like to bid.

Other Factors to Consider

Other factors include the fact that you could get tax rebates if you buy the vehicle for your business. The negative side of these auctions is that:

Join one of the world’s largest gov’t auction sites

You do have to pay for the vehicle in cash. You cannot buy it on credit nor does it come with a warranty you have to buy your warranty and is very cheap at this moment. but you have the opportunity to ask for money from your bank after or before.

You would be in trouble if you lack the mechanical knowledge of cars, as you would not know what problem areas to look out for. The best would be to take a friend along who does have some knowledge to look at the vehicle.

If you are not knowledgeable about auctions, and police auto auctions, in particular, you should first gain some experience by attending a few to get to know the process.

The best part though is that these are the police auto auctions where you would stand a chance of getting real bargains. If you have the cash available to you, you could buy some cars and start your own online business if you so wish. For the most part, though, people buy these cars for their own transportation.

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Government and Police Auctions for Cars, Trucks and SUVs

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Gov't Pre-Owned & Seized Cars, Trucks, & SUVs

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Search and bid on seized and foreclosed homes, land, personal property and more in your area!

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Jewelry, furniture, office equipment, collectibles, antiques, sports memorabilia and more.

Unclaimed money

Americans have billions of dollars in unclaimed funds waiting to be claimed.

IRS, DEA, FBI, US Treasury

Government surplus property.

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Importantly, your Membership will also Include:

  • Access to 10,000s of Government pre-owned quality vehicles at rock bottom prices. With thousands new listings each week!
  • 1000s of live auto auctions of Government pre-owned, seized and repossessed cars, trucks, SUVs, motorcycles, and boats to bid on, often starting between $100 to $500.
  • Online Police and Federal auctions in your local area and throughout the USA, where you can bid online so you will always get the best deals.
  • Contact information such as names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, and websites for easy reference and immediate use.
  • Direct links to other relevant auctions sites online.
  • Fast and friendly online support 7 days per week.
  • Google Maps showing you exact location of auctions.
  • 24-hour 7-day a week access to all of our databases in the Member's Area.
  • Full access to our Member's Area, with updated reports on the locations and timing of the best Gov't auctions registered in your local area as well as your state and across the US.
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  • All new! A comprehensive (20 pages if you print it) guide to ALL Federal Government property sales programs and auctions. This invaluable guide includes everything you need to know about government sales and auction programs. You will be an expert on Gov-auctions!
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